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Why is RSS Logistics closed?

In 2021 and at the start of 2022, RSS Logistics regularly imported hundreds of small parcels from the UK to Cyprus by container shipment. The company disregarded the rule changes which came into place due to the Brexit decision, and therefore customs held containers at the port. This resulted in various charges, fines and penalties for the company.

The charges, fines and fees for the hold-up of multiple containers and each customer on them were too high for the company to survive. This debt exceeded the yearly profit of the company from 2021 several times.

When Lauren bought into RSS Logistics in June 2022, it was agreed that any company debt would be cleared by Director Alan personally. Since then, Alan has broken this contract as the debt was not cleared. He is now claiming that the failure of the company was the responsibility of the new second Director, Lauren.

As mentioned before, RSS Logistics has been forced to close because of the dept caused by imports disregarding rule changes before the time of Director Lauren.

Overall damage caused by this:
Over 120.000 € to creditors
Around 40.000 € to customers
Over 250.000 € to the Investor, Lauren

There is only one person who has profited from this situation:
Alan with around 150.000 €

Majority Shareholder and Director
Alan – (This man started a defamation campaign against Director Lauren to put the blame on her.)

Shareholder and Director
Lauren – 

Shareholders and Directors Certificate – 23.01.2023

These certificates can be requested from the government. They reflect the current status of the company structure.