RSS Paphos Truck 3Whatever your shipping needs, we suggest that you make an appointment for our representative to visit you. RSS Paphos will be happy to advise you on the actual volume of shipping that needs to be shipped and the most economic way of achieving this.

We are happy to offer a quote listing a variety of options, from a 20′ to a 40′ to groupage. We can also sub-divide this into the option of a complete service or for you to load and unload the container so that you have as much information as possible in order to work with the cost that best suits your financial situation.

RSS removals are happy to visit as many times as you require in order to aid this decision-making. For any containers shipped with us, we provide all the packing materials required ( boxes, tape, bubble wrap and tissue paper). For any groupage shipped with us, we are happy to provide the packing materials at cost price.

Additionally, RSS Logistics offer a completely free storage service in Paphos, Cyprus prior to any shipping undertaken with us. This allows our Customers to fly to the Country of their choice and get established before sending for their belongings.

Often, our customers do not have a destination address and this service is invaluable in allowing you the peace of mind of securing your possessions whilst you find a home.

Affiliated Agents


RSS Logistics work closely with ‘TNT’ international shipping service to ensure that our customers receive the most cost effective and secure removal, shipping and storage service.



rsspaphos-5-300x87 In order to ensure that your beloved pets reach you safely and well RSS Paphos have teamed up with ‘Animal Couriers’ a highly dedicated shipping service for animals.


Vehicle Shipping

RSSpaphos, logistics Paphos, RSS Logistics PaphosRSS Logistics specialise in the shipping of any motor vehicles whether for commercial or domestic purposes in and out of Cyprus. Even though Cyprus is in the EU, the shipping of Motor Vehicles is governed by a great deal of secondary legislation. Unfortunately it is not simply a matter of placing a car on a ship and hoping to collect it at the Port in Cyprus.

All vehicles arriving into Cyprus  from another EU member state can be shipped in on a visitor plate which will allow you to drive it on the road for six months in any one year. After that six months you are required to either register it and pay duty or  ship it out of the country or place it in a bonded warehouse.

The age, engine size and emissions of each vehicle will determine the amount of duty that needs to be paid. We can give you an indication of what this might be. The customs also will not allow anyone other than the registered owner to collect their car from the Port in Cyprus once all the documentation has been completed.

If you wish to import or export a vehicle from Cyprus , please get in touch with our Vehicle specialist who will be able to guide and assist you through any difficulties that you might encounter. This service is free of charge and is not dependent on you shipping with us. However if you do decide to ship with RSS Logistics then we offer a complete service with our agents handling each step of the procedure with you.